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Co-branding With UV Awareness

Co-branding Opportunities

We are looking for companies, charities, non-profits and schools to form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synergy designed to teach children and their caregivers how to protect themselves from over exposure to the sun.

Co-branding, sometimes called cross-platform marketing, is increasingly popular as companies look for new approaches to reach their target audiences. The main reason for co-branding is to give more benefits to your own customer base, enhance brand loyalty, and widen your customer base.

Co-branding is being used increasingly by companies large and small to raise awareness and generate sales.

There are many opportunities for co-branding in every industry, and one of the latest and greatest examples is co-branding UV Awareness Sun Sensor Wristbands.

Email or call us for quantity requirements and pricing details.

For further information please contact us.

Phone: 951.252.3091
Email: info@uvawareness.org

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